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Aperitivo | Tramonto | Ristorante

La nostra storia


Opened in 2021, Baia Del Faro was born as an aperitif restaurant. The sunset over Marettimo transports us towards a mental well-being, between relaxation and sounds you can enjoy seafood and traditional dishes. You can find us in Favignana and we want to be sure that you always want to come to us when you are looking for relaxation and professionalism!


From the music to the carefully curated cocktail list, our incredible staff takes care of every aspect to create a unique experience for each guest. Whether you are spending an evening with friends or simply want something refreshing, you are always welcome here.

We also have the service

"Lido Balneare" with sunbed, to relax with a panoramic view of the castle of Santa Caterina.

At your request we will reserve a table for the "Quick and Convenient Lunch" as well as to use the "Pay After" service.

From 7.00 pm the aperitif begins with a view of Marettimo, at sunset you will find yourself in the company of a breathtaking sunset.

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